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Door Maintenance & Automatic Door Recommendations

These minimum safety checks, in addition to those in the owner’s manual, should be made each day and after any loss of electrical power:

  1. Walk towards the door at a normal pace. The door should open before you reach the threshold.

  2. Stand motionless in the threshold for at least 10 seconds. The door should not close

  3. Inspect the door’s threshold area. It should be clean with no loose parts  that could trip or cause a person to fall. Keep doorway traffic path clear.

  4. Move clear of the door area. The door should remain open for 1.5 seconds minimum and the door should close slowly and smoothly.

  5. Inspect the glass, safety decals, guide rails and finger guards. All should be present and in good condition.

  6. Repeat steps 1 – 5 from the other side of the door if used for 2 way traffic.

  7. Have door inspected AAADM Certified inspector (Us) at least once a year or after any repairs or adjustments.

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