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High Security Locks

High Security Locks keys cannot be duplicated at the local hardware store. The key is assigned to your location and only the owner or locksmith can obtain more keys. The locks are also a much more robust design providing additional security.





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Medeco lock high security cylinder 2.jpg

Medeco X4 Restricted Keying Systems

The patent protected X4 keys provide the end user with total control over illegally duplicated keys to better protect his property against former employees, service companies, or others that might use a previously issued key to gain entry. Key blanks are not available to any source other than the originator of the system. 

Further, included with the product is the special sequential inventory numbers incised into every key to permit issue records and key tracking. In this manner, a key issued to someone else cannot be returned as one issued to the returnee as the inventory number would quickly identify the proper key holder. 

Finally, the X4 system provides a practically unlimited range of keying system that will allow managers total control over their particular location while providing regional managers access to all of his/her locations with a single key and still allow upper management access to all of the facilities in their area. 

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