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Trusted By Industry Leaders: Elevating Security With US Door Service

At US Door Service, we're proud to offer businesses the best door security choices. The Detex door exit devices we sell, like the ECL-230D Black, the EAX 500 Straight On, and the EAX-2500 Straight On from the Value Series, tell you that we care about quality and security. In this blog, we'll discuss how these tools make things safer and why businesses pick US Door Service for their commercial door needs.

The Need Of Quality Commercial Door Solutions

Commercial doors are necessary for protecting employees and customers. You need high-quality door exit devices to keep things safe and running smoothly. US Door Service knows how important it is for a business to have safe commercial doors. We have many high-quality Detex door exit devices that are made to meet the needs of businesses.

Introducing Detex Door Exit Devices

Detex is a leading manufacturer of innovative door exit devices known for their quality and reliability. Among their range of products are the value series panic door exit devices, designed to provide secure and robust panic and fire exit hardware.

Additionally, Detex offers the ECL-230D Black, a code-compliant, battery-alarm rugged deadbolt panic device, and the EAX 500 Straight On, an alarmed exit device for secured doors. The EAX-2500 Straight On is another option for hardwired AC/DC alarms on secure doors. These Detex devices are trusted for their performance and durability, making them ideal choices for commercial establishments.

Value Series Panic Door Exit Devices: Security At An Economical Price

The value series panic door exit devices are ideal for businesses looking to enhance their security. The Value Series features a patented mounting plate and strike locator system. It can ensure the easiest and most accurate installation of panic hardware. With these devices, businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their doors are equipped with reliable security solutions.

value series panic door exit devices

ECL-230D Black: Rugged Security With Managed Access

The ECL-230D Black from Detex is a rugged deadbolt panic device that offers security and convenience. This code-compliant device features a battery-operated alarm, providing managed security for secondary exits. Its steel plate construction and photoluminescent sign ensure durability and visibility in emergencies. The ECL-230D Black is available in long and short paddle options, with the cylinder and bar sold separately.

With a 100-decibel alarm, this device provides a high level of security for businesses seeking reliable panic hardware. The ECL-230D Black is a trusted choice for managing access and enhancing security in commercial settings.

EAX 500 Straight On: Alarmed Security For Secured Doors

The Detex EAX 500 is a reliable solution for businesses requiring an alarmed exit device on secured doors. Its alarm system emits approximately 100dB, detecting unauthorized exit attempts immediately. The EAX 500's redesigned shape and smaller size make it easy to install on emergency exits. Businesses can trust the EAX 500 to enhance their security measures.

EAX-2500 Straight On: Hardwired Alarm For Secure Doors

The Detex EAX-2500 is designed for applications requiring a hardwired AC/DC alarm on secure doors. With an alarm that emits approximately 100dB, unauthorized exit attempts are quickly detected, enhancing security measures.

Its smaller size and design to fit in a standard 4″x4″ outlet box make it easy to install on emergency exits and restricted doors. The EAX-2500 is a reliable choice for businesses looking for a secure and efficient door alarm system. With its proven performance and ease of installation, the EAX-2500 is a trusted solution for businesses seeking to enhance their security posture.

Why Choose US Door Service For Your Commercial Door Needs

US Door Service is the best company to work with for all kinds of businesses when it comes to doors. We've worked with big names in the business before, like Wendy's, LongHorn Steakhouse, Chipotle, Taco Bell, GMC, and more. This proves how dedicated we are to quality and customer satisfaction.

The service that you can count on from US Door Service is great, and the solutions are made to fit your needs. We will do everything possible to ensure your business doors are safe, work right, and follow all the rules. Good work and skill can make a difference when hiring US Door Service to care for your business doors.

The End Note

When you need good door security options for your business, you can communicate with US Door Service. Many Detex door exit devices are available on our website to make your home safer and give you peace of mind. Quality and customer happiness are very important to us. We are committed to doing a great job, as shown by our work with big commercial businesses. You can browse our website and find reliable business door security choices anytime.

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