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Door Bar

  • Bar extends across the frame on the interior

  • A separate bar is attached to the door using bolts that go through the door

  • One of the most secure meathods of locking a door

  • Bar has to be removed during working hours

  • Commonly used on rear doors

Security Shutters

Available for Countertops, Drive-thru windows, and Storefront Windows

  • Hurricane Shutter rated for 210 mph winds

  • Keyed from both sides

  • Locks into extruded aluminum guides

  • Rails mount to existing commercial door frame or wall

  • Typically installed over existing door

  • Be sure to watch the test video below

high security shutter.jpg (3).jpg

Code Entry

  • Mechanical device, requires no battery

  • Used with push bar on interior

  • Code can be easily changed

  • Commonly used on delivery service businesses (Pizza etc.)

  • Typically on rear door 

Magnetic Lock

  • Key Fobs

  • Touchless

  • Buzzer

  • Motion Detector

  • Dual Door/High Force Magnets

  • Buzzer (for when magnet de-energized)

  • Motion detector (no button required)

  • Dual door magnets

  • High force magnets

  • Others available upon request (1).jpg
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